0x12 For Grimm
0x11 枯山水 - Karesansui: The Garden
0x10 Truly Responsible Disclosure
0x0F Smack: Slack Post-Exploitation and Exfil Tool
0x0E Using ifstated(8) for OpenBSD Laptop Network Management
0x0D Stagit on OpenBSD
0x0C Installing graylog on OpenBSD from scratch
0x0B Creating a PKI for OpenSSH
0x0A Hosakahashi: Takahashi in Pure CSS
0x09 Using voidmap for Penetration Test Project Management
0x08 LD_PRELOAD, Hashcat, and Bad Ideas
0x07 RISC-V Assembly and Shellcode Creation Series
0x06 Systemd User Persistence in Metasploit
0x05 Talk: IPv6 for Pentesters
0x04 Go+SPARK
0x03 Wireguard Quickstart
0x02 Abusing systemd User Services
0x01 Unicode Rotation Cipher
0x00 Tinc 1.1 Overview